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10th International OOH Congress
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All speakers of Congress
Annie Rickard
Posterscope Global ex-President (UK)
"When the winds of change are blowing, some people build walls and others build windmills"
Annie Rickard, global ex-President Posterscope, will come to St. Petersburg for the first time. She was a co-founder of Posterscope in 1983 and left in March 2018. During that time she built a global network with 57 offices in 34 countries.
She built the Posterscope global network from the start, through a combination of acquisitions and partnerships.

Tom Goddard
Chairman, Ocean Outdoor
President, FEPE International
"The world stands aside for a man with a plan!"
Media professional with particular specialism in digital & traditional OOH. Until 2007 he was CEO for CBS Outdoors's International division, overseeing a team of over 2,500 employees across Europe and Asia. Before he was CEO of several major UK and International OOH companies including Viacom, Metro Advertising and Maiden Outdoor.
Gideon Adey
Planning & Development Director, Kinetic (UK)
"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted"
Gideon has been working in the outdoor advertising industry for 25 years. Most recently, Gideon is involved in the automation of OOH transacting; the trailing of technologies and techniques from other territories and media industries to develop automated decision making in OOH buying – misleadingly referred to as 'programmatic'.

Igor Kirikchi
CEO, BBDO Moscow, Managing Director, BBDO Group (Russia)
"Dream, work and everything works out"
Igor Kirikchi is a co-chairman of Creative Agencies Committee of the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (ACAR).
At the Congress Igor Kirikchi will present a shortlist of works for the Creative OOH Awards nomination.
Christian von den Brincken
Managing Director, Corporate Strategy & Innovation, Ströer (Germany)
"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea"
Previously, he was responsible for Business Development until 2017. Before taking this role at the beginning of 2014, he was responsible for Marketing and Strategy at the Ströer Sales & Services GmbH.
Borja Balanzat Góngora
Managing Director, Exterion Media (Spain)
"The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get"
Borja spent the last five years as Managing Director of CBS Outdoor Spain/Exterion Media. He transformed the business into the leading Transit business in the Country, increasing dramatically its profitability and forming the best team in the sector.
Jean-Emmanuel de Witt
Russ Outdoor
"Act as if you were in the future. You will draw a new reality"
For the second year in a row the Russ Outdoor CEO since 2016 will be among the most anticipated Congress headliners. The innovative Russ Digital project, which has a 25% share in a segment of digital carriers of Russia, is actively developing under the leadership of Jean-Emmanuel.
Jean-Emmanuel de Witt is a co-chairman of ACAR OOH Committee and a member of IAA.
Alexander Epin
"Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar"
The prospects of the Russian market of transit advertising will be covered by the industry leader TMG. Throughout 25 years as TMG CEO Alexander was directly involved in development of technologies and formation of transit advertising industry standards in Russia.
Alexander is a co-chairman of ACAR OOH Committee, a member and a speaker of FEPE International.
Daniel Cuende
Co-founder & Innovation Manager, CUENDE Infometrics (Spain)
"Everything will be ok at the end. If it's not ok, then it is not in the end"
Geographical spread of research with his participation is wide and various. Daniel Cuende has immense experience of creating research database for the different markets in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East.
Daniel is also an active member of ACM and SIGKDD.

Dmitriy Gribkov
OOH Director, ADV Benchmark
"When you find that the goal is unattainable, do not change the goal — change your plan of action"
ADV Group OOH Director, who had been Marketing and Sales Director at Russ Outdoor up to 2017, will speak about the ways to increase the competitiveness of OOH.
Irina Zarubina
Strategic planning specialist, Havas Media
"Future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed"
Irina will speak about consumer trends in advertising from the standpoint of Senior strategic manager developing company plans on the basis of consumer and branch trends.
James May
Chief Growth Officer ADV
"Build a bridge and get over it"
James's career in Media, Creative and Digital Agencies has spanned more than 25 years and crossed three continents. Alongside almost a decade in both Moscow and London, he spent eight years in Shanghai, Bangkok and Santiago. With a wide-ranging client experience (including Unilever, P&G, Mondelēz and Nestlé), James's role as Chief Growth Officer incorporates both internal and external aspects of the development of the ADV Group.
Daria Chuykova
Director of Sales and Development, LLC Russ Outdoor
"The world belongs to the dissatisfied"
In 2016, she took 3rd place among commercial directors of media companies in "TOP-1000 Russian Managers", which is annually compiled by the Association of Managers of Russia and the business newspaper «Kommersant».
Grigory Goldman
Development Director, FastPrint
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"
He works in printing business since 1999, specializes in modern methods of management, automation of production and process optimization.
Kirill Korotkin
Key account manager, Samsung
"Never regret what you've done, only regret what you haven't done!"
Responsible for business development in B2B area. One of key customer segment is DOOH. There have been several remarkable projects in Digital Signage implementation.
Mikhail Kryuchkov
Commercial Director, HD LED tech
"You know, I have my own concept of happiness. If each of us can make another person happy, at least one, everybody on Earth will be happy"
Mikhail Kryuchkov has been working in advertising for more than 7 years. Earlier he was engaged in import of metal products that still remains his parallel business. This year the plant in the Kaluga region on production of a trellised flooring will be opened with his participation.
Ryakhovskiy Aleksey
Project Manager, BestBuying
"Good advertizing forms people, exclusively. It is impossible to fool people in this business. Products speak for themselves"
15 years' experience in IT and Project Management.
Speaker of National Advertising Forum 2017 and Effective Visual Communications 2018.

Yuriy Denisov
Research Director, Insight Expert
"Marketing without research data is like driving with your eyes closed"
Yuri Denisov has experience working in the marketing of international and Russian companies, major research agencies. At the Congress Yuriy will present a report "Internet Vs Out-of-Home: Mortal combat".
Roman Venger
Commercial director, DesignMaster
"Do not talk about what you will do, talk about what you did!"
Play football, love mountains, sea and bath (Russian sauna). My job constantly keeps me in self-development and knowledge of something new: people, places, and opportunities.
Vladimir Brezhnev
Head of buying department, TMG
"The plan that can't be changed is bad"
Vladimir has been working in the company for more than 5 years. He graduated from St. Petersburg State University specializing in "Standardization and product quality control". He has numerous publications in industrial and scientific magazines. Since 2016 Vladimir has been a member of Rosstandard working group engaged in development of transit advertising standard.
Mikhail Manzheley
Deputy CEO on Legal affairs, LAYSA
"Treat others how you want to be treated"
Working in the advertising field more than 12 years. Holds position as Co-chairman of the Committee of Outdoor Advertising (ACAR) and Head of the Legal Committee of the NAVC.
At the Congress Mikhail will present a report "The winner takes it all. Trading in outdoor and transit advertising"
Veronika Bordunova
Deputy CEO on for Marketing and Sales, LAYSA
"To love what you are doing! And to do what you love!"
A significant period worked in senior positions for the largest transit and OOH advertising operators. Veronica successfully launched a number of projects, such as the introduction of new business-lines of the company, the foundation of business units and many others.
Valeriya Tkach
CEO, Vision
"Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer"
Valeriya has been studying media research issues, advertising effectiveness measurement, analysis ofnew formats and carriers on the advertising market since 2006.After ten years of analytical work in the largest Russian and international companies she created its own research agency "Vision", which is currently occupies strong positions in the Russian advertising market.
Konstantin Avdeev
Executive Director, Vostok-Media
"Success doesn't come to you. You go to it"
Konstantin has been working in an advertising field for more than 3 years. In Vostok-Media company he is developing an integrated approach in a number of the key directions: out-of-home advertising, production of non-standard advertising of any complexity, promotion, creativity and design. Thanks to it the company has realized dozens of successful projects.
Maxim Popov
Business Development Director, DiMedia
"This out of all will remain —
They have lived and have tossed:
So much of the game will be gain,
Though the gold of the dice has been lost"
Maxim will present the report "Engineering Solutions in Production of Outdoor Advertising Constructions: Use of New Technologies to Increase Advertising Surfaces Sales".
Pavel Kryukov
OOH-Director, Publicis Groupe
"From surveillance — to outdoor advertising!"
Окончил МГУК (Коммерции), к.э.н., МВА (Маркетинг).
В наружной рекламе с 2000 года.
Вся карьера - в структуре Publicis Groupe (ранее DMB&B).

Natalia Kulikova
СЕО Video Planning
"There is no such thing as a missed opportunity in business. If you miss it, your competitors will not. Matched by a robust communication strategy, such opportunities become the basis for a successful business process"
Natalia Kulikova is a founding partner and CEO of Video Planning since 2010.
In 2017 she received the Media Manager of Russia award for her contribution to the development of Russia's DOOH industry.

Elena Mikhailova
President of NAVC
"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them"
Since 2016 — Director of the legal Department of Russ Outdoor. She won the national award "Media Manager of Russia" for successful work in the field of legislative regulation and self-regulation of outdoor advertising in 2016. Elena is the President of the national Association of visual communications since 2017.
Pavel Mikhailov
Commercial Director, TMG
"Many people see the goal but only the best achieve it!"
The commercial director of Transit Media Group with 17-year experience in the sphere of transit advertising (15 years - in TMG).
Pavel graduated from the University of Water Transport in St. Petersburg with specialization "Law".

Olga Sukhanova
CEO, Lince OS Group
"It's a kind of fun to do the impossible"
Olga worked in such companies as Sberbank, Russian Federal service on bankruptcy, Cheil Communications Inc., Master AD, Postersсope Russia. Now Olga is the CEO of Lince OS Group.

Dmitriy Pogodin
"Life requires movement"
Dmitry Pogodin has headed BLACKBOARD Outdoor since the company was established 6 years ago. In 2018 the BLACKBOARD group comprised Digital and Indoor divisions. Dmitry conducts development of an algorithm on consolidation of Outdoor and Digital environments, in terms of the most popular media channels in the short term.
Dmitry Novikov
"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance"
Co-founder of SCG company, which appeared in 2006 in Nizhny Novgorod and specialized in non-standard formats of outdoor advertising. From a small advertising agency SCG has grown into the second largest outdoor advertising operator in the region, which is distinguished by its progressive development.
Mikhail Gorin
Technical Director, Mediacab
"Wherever you see a successful business, know that someone made a courageous decision"
After 10 years in IT Mikhail came into advertising business, having started to develop a segment of taxi services and advertising.
Today taxi is a clear, transparent and demanded format; in this regard, Mediacab is an undisputed leader of this segment, with placements in dozens of Russian cities.

Elena Andreeva
Deputy General Director, LBL Communication Group
"Any communication is like relationship. And any relationship is like a knot. It needs to tie up in right time"
More than 13 years in advertising services: from promoter to division management, from product launch to Japanese car test-drive for Chinese journalists in rural Russia, from standard media to new communication channels.
Karen Ambaryan
Senior marketing communication manager, OBI Franchise Center LLC
Alexander Tishkov
Deputy General Director, Corporation A.N.D.
"And you could you perform a nocturne on a drainpipe flute?"
Since 2008 Alexander Tishkov was Russia and CIS Director, the head of department of work with business premises owners, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).
Since 2009 Alexander has been the Deputy CEO of JSC A.N.D. Corporation., SAFMAR Group.

Michael Mogilevsky
General Director, NPO Analitika
"The devil is in the detail"
NPO Analitika co-Founder.
Yuri Bukchin
First Deputy General Director, POSTER
"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea"
Yuriy Bukchin has worked in CJSC POSTER since 2011.
Consequently he held positions of the Head of department of business design and automation, the Executive director and the First Deputy CEO (since April, 2013).

Evgeniy Danelyants
Technical Director, Mediaroute
"The one who tells stories, rules the world"
For 3 years Evgeniy was engaged in study of cities and transit advertising placement in problematic cities at the request of TMG.
At present Mediaroad is a key TMG partner in the central part of Russia and in the North Caucasus.

Lyubov Kovaleva
Director, RED
"If you really love what you do, success is inevitable"
Lyubov is a Marketing specialist with 15-year experience, has been developing the market of transit advertising in Lipetsk for more than 5 years. She is a member of the all-Russian public organization of small and medium business "OPORA RUSSIA".
Sergey Sadchikov
CEO, Vostok-Media
Anatoly Mostovoy
President, Kinetic Russia
"Nothing is worth doing except what the world says is impossible"
Roman Abdullin
Head of Advertising Department, PIC
"To thine own self be true"
Dmitry Kazakov
Development Director, SA Media Group
"There are no trifles in any business"
He is responsible for matters of development ofown IT technologies in the field of advertising, involvement of strategic Clients, optimization of internal processes and development of client service. He is the founder of the advertising Brandmobil service which is nowadays a part of Group.

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