Industrial partner NAVK

National Association of Visual Communications (NAVC) has been appointed the Industry partner of the 9th International OOH Congress that will take place on October 3-6 in Tunisia (oohcongress.ru).

National association of visual communications was established in 2003 as National association National association of outdoor advertising and information.

The main objectives of Association are:

  • Consolidation of efforts of OOH market participants, their intellectual and creative potential aimed at creation of long-term and civilized conditions of business development in the sphere of visual communications as well as effective mechanisms of industry self-regulation.
  • Protection and advancement of common industrial interests in a fair and open dialogue with executive and legislative authorities, public organizations and business associations.
  • Development and implementation of new standards of professional conduct in the sphere of visual communications, media measurements and analytics of the market. Expert analysis.
  • Establishment of mechanisms directed to raise standards in the field of OOH ethics.